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Sacramento Tour Guides - The Cast:


Cynthia Mitchell Speakman - as Myrtle T. Handpickel

In her 3rd season with Hysterical Walks, Cynthia has been acting in Sacramento since 1994 appearing in television commercials, local theater and doing voice overs.  She operates and teaches an after school theater program for children and entertains with a group of spoken word artists known as "Story Voices".  You can learn more by visiting

Eric Hurtt - as Leopold Handpickel

This is Eric's 3rd Season with Hysterical Walks.  Has a theater minor, with a specialization in storytelling.  He has a background with troupe performance (Suess on the Loose touring group) and the other half of Tellers Two, a storytelling twosome, lasting for 4 years.  Eric was also a guide, storyteller in Alaska for 3 years.  His accomplishments include commercial and voice-over work as well.

YJohnzail Mack - as Clifford Belvedere Handpickel

YJohnzail is a Theater Arts student who has participated in several local productions such as "Chicago", "The Rush for Gold", "Metamorphosis" and "Our Town". He plans on continuing his education in Theater Arts, with aspirations of joining a professional theater company.

Ian Corcoran - as Fortesque Sterling-Throckmorton Handpickel, III, Esq.

Ian is a Theater Arts major who has participated in various local productions such as "Chicago" and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". He plans on continuing his education and participating in regional theater.

Scot Smith - as Beauregard Handpickel

A founding member of the Greater Sacramento ACES (Accomplished Children's Entertainment Specialists), Scot has an extensive background in entertaining a crowd. A gifted magician he brings with him over 12 years of professional experience. Also known as "Great Scot the Magic Dude" you can learn more at

Maureen Messier: Executive Producer

Maureen Messier received her college education at California State University Sacramento. She joined the Elk Grove Unified School District in 1976.

In 1980, Maureen was promoted to Theatre Arts Program Director at Valley High School. During her tenure, Maureen built an outstanding theatre program and garnered three national awards, as a Center of Excellence in Theatre Education given by the National Council Teachers of English (1987) and consecutive BRAVO CABLE Network National High School Theatre competitions in 1993 and 1994.

In 1988, Maureen served as Education Director for The Sacramento Theatre Company. During her residence, The Sacramento Theatre Company was awarded the California Educational Theatre Associations award for Professional Theatre commitment to Education in 1995.

In 1997, Maureen was hired by Sheldon High School to head the Visual and Performing Arts Department and serve as principal for the school's Theatre Arts program. In her eleven years at Sheldon, the theatre program has won numerous festival awards and two national awards for the American High School Theatre Festival, with her students performing at The International Fringe In Edinburgh, Scotland in 2001 and 2004.
In 1997, Maureen was awarded the Outstanding Theatre Educator Award for the state of California.
In 2008 Maureen was chosen as Elk Grove School District’s 2009, Teacher of the Year.

Maureen has been a board member of the northern and state theatre associations. She has taught at American River College and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and is an adjunct faculty member at Oregon State College. She has been a teacher for the California Arts project, serving as a discipline team member for the Sierra North Arts Project. Maureen has also served on the California Arts Assessment Project and the National Arts Assessment Team.

In her personal world, Maureen is the mother of 4, grandmother of 3 and loves to travel. She has learned through the many hard lessons of life, that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine and the best way to live life is by launching a new career that promotes laughter throughout the world.

Paul J. Messier: Producer/General Manager

Fresh out of high school in the 1970s, Paul signed a professional baseball contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers and spent four years as a pitcher in the minor leagues. After a career-ending shoulder injury, Paul took up the reins of a successful insurance sales management position generating a strong track record during an eight year run.

He decided in his late twenties to take up a new career path and founded the nightclub Tangents in Bakersfield during the early 1980s. Paul began producing comedy shows at Tangents - originally conceived as a teen dance club - after a strong stand-up comedy performance by David Straussman and his dummy Chuck Wood. Paul then began producing a series of comedy shows in Bakersfield with headliners like David Strassman, Billy Crystal, Howie Mandel, Brad Garret, Kevin Nealon, Fred Wolf, and other Southern California headliners including Michael Winslow, and Shirley Hemphill. After three years, Tangents closed its doors to open up new prospects for the rising show promoter.

His friendship with Rick Rockwell - a up and coming comic - lead to a meeting with Mark Anderson, owner of the San Diego Improv.
A consulting position with the Improv organization evolved into a General Manager position with the San Diego chapter within a few short weeks. As General Manager of the Improv in San Diego - the club's grosses more than doubled in three years and Paul created many programs still enforced to this day. As general manager Paul had comedians including Dennis Miller, Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Larry Miller, Richard Belzer, Kevin Nealon, Richard Jeni, David Spade, Robert Townsend, Paul Riser, Kevin Pollack, Rosie O'Donnell, Keenan Wayans, Ellen DeGeneres and Rob Schnieder just to mention a few, to the San Diego stage during his three-year stint as acting General Manager.

After the Improv, Paul started his own club at the Bahia Resort in San Diego dubbed Comedy Isle and it's headlining act of the club's grand opening was Robert Wuhl. Established comedians including Richard Belzer, Brad Garrett, Michael Winslow, and Johnny Witherspoon graced this club's stage.

When the hotel's management switched gears in entertainment avenues - Paul brought his brother Don Messier into the fold and founded Messier Productions. The brother team of comedy show producers branched off into other areas of comedy show productions at local restaurants in the San Diego area including Croce's, the Sweetwater Restaurant chain in Northern California, Cask and Cleaver restaurant chain, regular venues in various Central Valley of California cities, and two cruise ship lines. Headliners of their shows included Mark Curry, Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Williams, Will Durst, Greg Poops, Bill Maher and Bobby Slayton. After a strong six-year run into the early 1990s - Paul and Don dismantled Messier Productions and Paul continued to produce special events and corporate shows.

With the new resurgence in comedy show attendance in the early 21st century and a new plethora of up and coming talent breaking new ground in stand-up comedy arenas - Paul joined Stand Up Comedy Productions LLC in 2004 and brought his own valued experience in the creation of Comedy Walking tours in Old Sacramento. Starting with the Old Sacramento Hysterical Walk, a history tour. Then in 2005 the Hysterical Walk of the Dead, a ghost tour, then in 2007 they moved into another touring concept with a ridding tour, the Hysterical SEGWAY City tour. In 2008 a third walking tour was created, the Hysterical Magical Mystery Tour.

From Paul Messier:

My wife and I have been on walking tours from all over the world from New Orleans, Williamsburg, Seattle, Boston, Edinburgh, London, Vienna and Rome. What we discovered is walking tours can be to long and very boring. So, in writing our tours we’ve tried to concentrate on keeping the walking tours to one hour and the comedy helps make the facts more entertaining. Our Segway Tour is just plain fun and when you complete our tour you will really know how to ride a Segway.

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